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Plan B: How to Hatch a Second Plan that's always Better than Your First

In September, Free Press (an imprint of Simon and Schuster) released Dave's newest book. Plan B is about the evolution of business models. It's about making strategic and tactical adjustments as you implement your business plan. It's about the fusion of planning and execution. It's achieved, he writes, through a process called "adaptive management".

"How do you plan for a future you can't predict?
That's the conundrum David Murray brilliantly
solves in this provocative new book."
Al Ries, co-author
Positioning and Marketing Warfare

Most strategic plans fail' Dave says' because they're not flexible enough to change with the changing environment. Product life cycles that were once measured in decades are now being measured in years' even months. Things are happening so fast today that we can no longer rely on a top down planning process. By the time you've got your plan in place it is already obsolete. Instead' he presents a new form of planning and execution -- adaptive management -- that allows a business and its leaders to make intelligent and real time adjustments to their business model. Plan B' Dave writes' isn't a contingency plan but one that has intelligently evolved from your original plans. Its evolution is based on the problems confronted' discoveries made' your strengths and weaknesses' changing market conditions' and the moves of your competition.

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